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Robin helps you remember people in your professional life and build relationships that last. Contact Management, done right.

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Robin app, a Smart Personal CRM to help you build professional relationships that last, available on mobile and desktop

How It Works


Import contacts from Gmail or Outlook. Or add contacts easily by cc'ing (or bbc'ing) your virtual assistant Robin across all your email addresses.


Add tags and notes, manage groups, log interactions and set reminders. Find everyone via flexible filters and a sophisticated search.


Supercharge your career by building professional relationships that last. With Robin, you'll stay in the know. You'll be more thoughtful with people.

Contact Management, Done Right

Search contacts, notes and interactions

Everything that Matters in One Space. 📥

Robin is a smart personal CRM that enables you to manage contacts effortlessly and create opportunities for yourself and others. Robin takes the pain (and spreadsheets, memos, LinkedIn hassle, …) out of contact management.

Organize your contacts in groups

Make sense of your network. 🕺🏻️

Managing stakeholders across numerous projects and all stages of professional and private life can be a huge pain.

From now on, Robin does the job for you. Simply organize your contacts in Groups and reach out to them with just a click.

Search contacts, notes and interactions

Supercharge Your Network. 🚀

We need to leverage our network for different reasons. Do you need to find the right person for a new job? Reconnect with a valuable contact? Identify connections in a new city?

Design custom filters, use tags, or leverage our sophisticated search, Robin takes the effort out of finding the right person, right when you are looking for her.

Search contacts, notes and interactions

Never Drop the Ball Again. 🏀

Keep track of projects and meetings simply by CCing (or BCC’ing) Import contacts conveniently from Gmail or Outlook.

Schedule smart follow-up reminders, add notes and tags. Don’t ever forget important information about someone ever again.

Security made in Europe

Enterprise-Grade Security.  🔒

Robin is designed to keep personal, confidential and sensitive information secure. We don't ever sell your data or personal information. Robin is fully GDPR compliant. All data is stored in best-in-class ISO-certified cloud infrastructure in the EU.

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